7 Different Ways To Enjoy Blackjack

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Blackjack can be dragging at times. You get used to the challenge and the excitement leads to boredom. Fortunately, different blackjack variants are available to give a new kind of twist and turn into this super fun card game. 

21 Duel Blackjack

Such variant brags a 20 to 1 payout, which can readily fill your bankroll. Lucky blackjack uses communal cards. You have the freedom to choose which of those communal cards can give you a stronger hand. With a little bit of strategy, indeed, you can emerge as the big winner in this game.

12BET-Casino 21 Duel Blackjack Winning Combination

Blackjack surrender

Under this blackjack variant, you are allowed to surrender your hand and here’s the catch, you don’t lose all your bet whenever you give up your hand. The house shall only take half of it.


Blackjack switch

When surrendering is not your thing, maybe you should try switching. Blackjack switch lets you interchange your top cards or the second cards that you received to come up with a better combination.

12BET Casino Blackjack Switch

Lucky blackjack

Different blackjack hand values are all lined up for you in this game. The last thing expected from you is to correctly choose the hand that shall emerge.

lucky blackjack

Live blackjack

Play blackjack in real time. Use real cards and see live dealers supervise and monitor the whole game. This is how live blackjack works. You’re not battling against a machine. Instead you’re playing with real players.


Progressive blackjack

Basically, this game features a progressive jackpot that you can really take advantage of.

12BET Progressive Blackjack

Blackjack scratch

The only blackjack variant, which uses a scratch card, all you have to do, is wager on the scratch card, which, you believe shall have a higher value than the dealer.

12BET Casino Blackjack Scratch Win

Win without even knowing card-counting!

Should you need your blackjack fix, always remember that there are different ways to enjoy it. But of course, they still, revolve on the idea of securing a stronger hand than the dealer, that cannot be erased. Yet, the mere fact of enjoying it on a different manner, brings more challenge and thrill.

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