4 Wild Symbols That Fatten Your Bankroll In A Snap

4 Wild Symbols That Fatten Your Bankroll In A Snap 4.50/5 (90.00%) 2 votes

Thanks to wild symbols, players do not have to bleed to win in slots. Wilds substitute or replace another symbol to form a winning combination. Due to its function, there is no question why this is one of the most coveted slot symbols of all time.

But unknown to many, wilds come in different form. The more that a player understands their differences, the bigger is the reward that they get. The can strategize even more.

Standard wild

This is the most common type of wilds. Usually, it replaces a symbol or two to generate a winning combination.

Expanding wilds

Compared to the standard ones, these symbols can cover several reels. There are even instances wherein it fills the whole screen. Since it covers a larger area, it produces more winning patterns. The Incredible Hulk slot is a classic example of an online slot, which features an expanding wild.

Stacked wilds

Evident in the term “stacked,” these wilds are on top of one another. They are a bit similar to the expanding wilds, but they can only cover a single reel. They can be positioned horizontally, vertically or diagonally. For those who are looking for stacked wilds, they can always refer to the slot game, Marilyn Monroe.

12BET-Casino-Marilyn Monroe-Win-wild

Wild multiplier

It is a bit impossible not to see these wild on top of the player’s most wanted symbols. Not only does it help members to replace another symbol, it also multiplies the rewards for every combination that it formed.

Unlike before where players need to be contented with wilds substituting for another symbol, it is evident that technology has readily improved how these symbols work. It has become more flexible and efficient. Nowadays, the only thing that players need is to understand how they can use these wilds into their own advantage.

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