How food-themed games can keep a strong gaming appetite

How food-themed games can keep a strong gaming appetite 4.67/5 (93.33%) 3 votes

As it is a physiological need, food will always be an attraction to people. In fact, even ‘not real’ food could still entice them to root for it. That applies true to food-themed online casino games, such as slots and scratch. There is something in their color and frequent association to prosperity that they are a big hit amongst punters. Here are two popular games from the 12Ruby Club that players will find deliciously enjoyable:



Mamak Corner. This slot game is a visual representation of Malaysia’s popular Mamak culture—food stalls that have formed one of the main pillars of Malaysian cuisine. Here, a massive number of free spins and multipliers can be obtained through winning combinations of Mamak-inspired symbols. It is an 8-line-9-reel slot game featuring food icons that come with a generous heap of free spins. With this game, bankrolls easily get fat with a hefty influx of heavyweight prizes and bonuses!


Fruit Scratch. Ever sliced an apple, watermelon, or pear and get surprised for a pot of cash resting in it? That might sound silly in the real world; but in 12Ruby Club’s Fruit Scratch, that is exactly how things work! This is an online casino scratch game that features sumptuous images of some of the world’s favorite fruits. There are nine fruit cards featured and each has hidden rows and columns of random numbers. Players would only need to pick any of the fruit cards, slice them in half, and reveal the numbers inside them. If they get three identical numbers, they win.


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