A Dopey Experiment

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There is a buzz among online roulette enthusiasts regarding a unique betting strategy. However, contrary to other betting techniques observe in baccarat and others, this one neither guarantees to increase one’s bankroll nor promises to improve the player’s winning probabilities. The only thing that it assures members is that they will surely have fun. Thus, what is this buzz? This is no other than the Dopey Experiment.
It may sound too “dopey” and the principle behind can be too “experimental” indeed, but for quite some reasons, it appeals to many players. 

The proponent

A quite amusing fact about the Dopey Experiment is that it is developed by a lawyer-journalist. The man behind this is no other than Andres Martinez, former editor of the Los Angeles Times and author of the book Living It Up And Doubling Down In The New Las Vegas. When he wrote the said masterpiece, this was also the time that he came up with the said roulette technique. 

How it works

As mentioned, the strategy does not promise anything. This is simply used for the sake of enjoying roulette. The idea in here is that players must divide their bankroll into thirty-five (35). This will also correspond to the number of bets that they can make. For example, if the player’s bankroll is $175—dividing it into 35 gives the player $5.  The latter is the amount used in every bet placed. 

Betting On Roulette


Yet, this does not stop in merely dividing funds into 35 equal parts. The player must bet on a single number for 35 times. Any number will do, for there is no strict requirement observed when choosing the number to bet on. When choosing, some players tend to observe their set of beliefs and superstitions. But then again, it really depends on the member’s preference. In addition, when playing in online casinos, it is a bit impossible to follow betting rituals. 

Guaranteed winning

One can actually win from this strategy, but the possibility of profiteering from the house is very slim. From the 35 bets placed, one may yield favorable result. But whether such result will ultimately allow players to recover their losses, this is something that cannot be ensured. Yet, the good thing about this strategy is that after the 35 bets, players need to call it quits. 

While it is true that this technique does not guarantee big wins, it nevertheless, ensures players to handle their budget well.

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