Casino Hold’Em, Crops More Cash for your Bankroll Than You Can Imagine

Casino Hold’Em, Crops More Cash for your Bankroll Than You Can Imagine 5.00/5 (100.00%) 1 vote

One of the many variations of poker is Casino Hold’Em which is almost the same with three-card poker, only it uses five cards. The game that won the hearts of many online casino games buffs showcases ease, challenges, and high winning possibilities.


What is the goal of the game?

Just like your other favorite poker games, there is only one objective in Casino Hold’Em: you must have a stronger hand than the dealer to win. It is convenient for you if you are aware how poker goes. Here is the list of poker hand rankings you should always remember:


What do you need to do?

What makes this poker variant different from the others is that it allows you to make different bets. These bets are ‘ANTE’ and ‘AA’. The ‘Ante’ bet is mandatory to proceed with the game. Once your ‘Ante’ is placed, you will have the option to bet on ‘AA’, a side bet that predicts that you will get a pair of ace or a better hand during the initial card dealing. The ‘AA’ side bet is optional.

What happens during the game?

Two cards are dealt for you; you and the dealer will have two cards each. Another three cards will be dealt on the table and you must form a hand based on the initial five cards that you have.

You will then decide if you are going to ‘Call’ or ‘Fold’. Two more cards will be distributed if you ‘call’ and the one who gets the stronger hand wins. You will lose all your bets if you ‘fold’.

With many possibilities of a strong hand, there is a very high chance of bulking your bankroll. Always opt for the maximum bet to crop more cash!

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