Card Game Classifications based on ‘Purpose’

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There are plenty of ways to categorize online card games but it will take an entire encyclopedia to list down all the possible classifications. One of the easiest ways to group them is by determining their purpose of objective. By “objective” it means “how the game will be won.”


Card Game Classifications

Comparing cards. Card games that require comparisons (of cards or hands between players or between a player and the dealer) are the most common in online casinos. Depending on the general mechanics, hands with greater value normally win over those with smaller equivalent. Such games include Dragon Tiger, Spakz, Baccarat, and Blackjack.

Ranking cards. Many games like Poker require players to follow a certain ranking of the cards to determine if their hands are of good value or otherwise. These rankings are often identified as “Straight Flush,” “Three of a Kind,” “Straight,” “Flush,” or “Pair.”

Forming combinations. Here, players win if they are able to come up with a specific card or suit combination. Numerous games have various mechanics on how these combinations should be carried out and each is almost always very easy to understand.

Scratching. Card games are not solely confined to the 52-card deck with French suits. Scratch games are also card games but on a very different league. These cards are “scratched” (or cut, kicked, poked, etc. depending on the game’s theme) in order to reveal the prizes or multipliers hidden behind them.


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