Bolder, Bigger and Better—Find Out What’s Cooking At 12BET Casino’s Flash Client

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12BET Casino’s flash client feature or more popularly known as Instant Play takes a new face with a sleek design, user-friendly interface and straightforward options. 

With a newly improved casino lobby, members, most especially those who are into live games online can expect a richer gaming experience right into their browser.

Functionality meets design 

Unlike before, the all new live games lobby greets surprises members with a more manageable interface that will enable players to jump from one game to another. 

12BET Casino New Flash Client

Take live baccarat as an example. Aside from the usual prompt which tells the number of players in a particular table, other live baccarat games like In Running Baccarat, Live Progressive Baccarat, to name a few, are shown underneath. 

In the event where they want to try other 12BET Casino live games, they only need to click the “Menu” and they can easily participate into a different game. 

Such feature makes the player’s life a lot more convenient. They are no longer required to go the main menu to search for their preferred games. 

The new look likewise allows the member to have a full view of vacant and available tables.

To save time from waiting, players simply need to click the “hide full tables” button. 

Resolution and webcast quality 

Another major and notable improvement in the flash client is the 50% increase of the card size. Players get a better view of their cards, which, in return, assists players to employ efficient techniques and strategies. 

It helps them to carefully consider their moves and improve their winning possibilities. Via getting a clear picture of their cards, they avoid the pitfalls of making unsound betting decisions. 

12BET Casino Flash Client Increase Card Size

Saving your favorite

The current live games lobby is also equipped with the “save favorite bet” feature. Players no longer need to record their winning moves manually.  The only thing that they have to do is to give it a name and save it as one of their favorites. 

Indeed, the above-mentioned changes and improvements took live gaming and instant play to another level. 

With the new live game lobby, players will definitely enjoy a unique treat—and this is no other than having the feel of playing in traditional casinos and utmost comfort without downloading or installing anything.

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