Big Bonuses Roar Out Loud In Kong

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Kong is another movie-inspired online slots game featured in 12BET Casino. With effects and bonus features that will surely pump up your adrenalin rush, you will never end the day without playing this game. 

This 5-reel 20 payline casino game comes with 2 game modes, free spins and a practical wagering denomination of €0.01 to €2. 

Knowing that it is filled with bonus features, your bankroll will indeed go a long way in this game. 

12BET Casino Kong Winning Combination

Winning in Kong

Kong symbols

Kong is comprised of different symbols that will help you nail that big jackpot. These are:

  1. Kong  – Kong serves as the wild symbol. Its appearance signals that a replacement of all other symbols to generate a winning combination. There is however, an exception when it comes to scatter symbols.
  2. The Kong logo – Needless to say, this is the scatter symbol. Scatter symbols do not have to appear on specific reels to secure a win. Its  constant appearance also triggers the game’s bonus rounds. 

Game modes

This casino game online has two (2) game modes where additional bonus features can be enjoyed. These are the Jungle and Big City modes. 

Jungle mode

There are several scenarios worth mentioning in this game mode. First is the appearance of 3 more wild and scatter symbols. 

If 3 or more wild symbols appear, this will trigger the Wild Jungle Respin Feature. For this you will get 3 free spins. Also, each time a wild symbol appears, more wild symbols are added into the reel. 

12BET Casino Jungle Respin

Meanwhile, if 3 or more scatter symbols appear on the screen, this will trigger the Skull Island Bonus. 


For the said bonus round, you are given thirteen (13) locations where you must find three (3) different creatures of the same kind. It is much even better if you can find King Kong. 

Big City Mode

In this game mode, the Wild Kong Respin Feature is triggered by 3 or more wild symbols, whereas the City Tower Bonus  is triggered by 3 or more scatter symbols. 

For the Wild Kong Respin Feature, you will get 3 free respins. But there is something special in the respins that you get here. 

During the first respin, symbols on reels #1 and #5 are all wild. On the second respin, all that are on reels #2 and #4 are transformed into wild symbols as well. Lastly, expect more wild symbols for the third respin because all images that are on reels #1, #3 and #5 become wild symbols. 


On the other hand, for the City Tower Bonus round, you need to grab 1 out of the 3 planes in 3 different situations. This bonus round can multiply your total winnings for up to 23X. 

12BET  Casino Kong Big City Bonus

If you love the movie, rest assured that you will also love the game. With various winning opportunities, Kong is definitely, not your ordinary online slots game.

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