The 6 Online Casino Bonuses And What You Can Do To Maximize Them

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Aside from the thrill and satisfaction, it is the tons of perks and bonuses that push online casino players from coming back. From time to time, new and enticing promotions are launched to attract more customers. But bonuses come in different forms or types. A thorough understanding of how these bonuses work can help players from maximizing their deposits.

Types of bonuses

Loyalty bonus – For players who have been actively participating in an online casino for a considerable period of time, they are already eligible for the loyalty bonus. As a matter of fact, they can even get additional freebies. This is most especially true for those who have managed to attain or reach high seniority levels.

High-roller bonus – In simpler terms, this casino bonus is issued to big time players. 

Reload bonus – Usually, the reload bonus works best for players who have already made their account and want to play more. This is somehow similar to the welcome bonus. The main point in here is to encourage players to deposit more. The more they deposit, the more that they have the chance to win the jackpots.

Casino Chips

Welcome bonus – Welcome bonuses, or sometimes referred to as online casino signups, are perfect for new players or for those who want to try a different online casino provider. For every deposit made, the provider shall match it with a certain bonus percentage. Usually, this range from 50% to 125% or more—it all depends on the casino’s preference.  For example, if the welcome bonus gives you a 100% match, this means that for every $100 that you deposit, you will receive another $100, thus making your total money to $200. 

Preferred deposit bonusOnline casinos tend to have a preferred payment option. Players who use such option are being rewarded. 

No deposit bonus – The no deposit bonus is also recommended to rookie players. Here, the casino simply adds money to the player’s account to ignite their playing streak.

With the series of bonuses offered by online casinos, players are indeed spoilt for choice. Yet, as mentioned, one should familiarize themselves with these perks to enjoy the best of it.

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