12BET Spawns Three New Online Games

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There is a multitude of online games in 12BET’s arsenal, but when new games are introduced to the pack, players get instantly excited of trying them out. Here are three of the newest additions to the online casino’s catalogue. Read these brief overviews to know a few things about them.

Spider-man: Attack of the Green Goblin

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Featuring a progressive jackpot, “Spider-man: Attack of the Green Goblin” is Marvel’s newest slot variant of one of its biggest superhero characters. The game offers a five-reel, 25-payline feature which is besieged with plenty of bonuses. To engage players even more is the game’s ultra-enticing soundtrack, genius graphics, and see-through reels that reflect an illuminated, night-time skyline—reminiscent of Spider-man’s urban frills. In addition, images displayed in the game window include Daily Bugle, a camera, skyscrapers, Mary Jane Watson, and the Green Goblin.  Basic symbols are 9, 10, J, Q, K and A.

More than the visual spectacle, Attack of the Green Goblin vaunts bonus features that every bettor would want to take advantage of. The extra feature includes the Spider-Man Wild (triggered randomly during the base game) and the Spidey Snapshot Feature (the hero dangles in the screen for camera shots which consequently corresponds a cash prize between 3x and 10x the players’ total bet).

The game’s biggest bonus feature, however, is the so-called Spider-Man Collection. This is a package of free games that include Hot Zone, Rivaling, Radioactive, City Chase, and Ultimate Fight.
Live Unlimited Blackjack

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An eight-deck card game, Live Unlimited Blackjack is mediated with a live croupier and a real Unlimited Blackjack table. It contains five main betting positions, five Player’s Perfect Pair betting positions, and one Dealer’s Pair betting position. The game is in a league of its own as it allows for an unlimited amount of players to bet on the five main betting positions within a single game round.

In this game, several players have a go-signal to wager on the same seat. If two players play on the same position, one may choose to “Stand” and the other may select “Hit.” In such a scenario, the croupier will deal another card to the position, except for the player who chose to “Stand” not being allowed to receive the card.

The cards are played until the “split” is drawn. At this juncture, the dealer will have the cards replaced in the following round. A shuffler will arrive to the table with pre-shuffled cards and cards used in the earlier part of the game will be removed from the table. The shuffler will perform an additional shuffle on the table and the new deck will be placed in the cards show.

Iron Man 3 Scratch

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Scratch games are perhaps the easiest casino features a customer could ever play. With simple rules and generous prizes at the picket, these games can make for one convenient casino recreation.

To make things even more exciting, a blazing charisma of Marvel’s Iron Man was embedded in one of 12BET’s scratch games. The Iron Man 3 Scratch allows players to unveil symbols (with corresponding prizes) that seem to denote the luxury of Tony Stark’s lucrative life. The symbols behind the boxes were taken from the superhero’s most recent medley of appearances in the media.

The main object of the game, as with any other scratch, is to match the prize symbol displayed next to the grid to any of the six symbols on the scratch card. Wins are achieved if any symbol on the scratch card is identical to this prize symbol. The prize for the current active round depends upon the player’s bet and is displayed below the prize symbol. The player may win up to 10,000 times his bet.

For more information about the bonus features, prize range, and mechanics of the aforesaid games, log on to 12BET’s official portal.

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