5 Telltale Signs Of A Legitimate Online Casino

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With the increasing number of online casinos, each with different bonuses and promotions to offer, players may find it hard to identify which of these sites are legitimate or plain hoax. But there are certain indications that would tell if an online casino deserves a player’s’ trust and time. 

Signs of legit online casinos

  • License – Evidently, a license is very important. It assures players that the casino’s operations are legal—that it has complied with all the necessary requirements—that it does not violate any law or perform activities that are strictly prohibited or not covered by the license. Duly licensed online casinos are concerned not only of their operations, but also, with the welfare of their players
  • Software use – Online casinos provide gaming software where players can play. The kind of software that they use speak well of the company. The best online casinos invest in highly reliable gaming software such as Playtech, for example. Indeed, they may be expensive. However, these software highly secured and reliable.
  • Working support system – Another way of knowing if an online casino is legitimate is whether their support system is working. Some con artists simply place a live chat icon or button. But much to the player’s disappointment, these buttons do not work at all. A reliable support system exemplifies the online casino’s commitment in delivering value-laden services.
  • Well-presented website  – Sleek and clean websites are not only visually or aesthetically appealing, it also helps the player to navigate well in the website. Well-established casino sites invest time and effort to make their homepage look professional.
  • Reasonable offers and bonuses- Other than the professional look or the gaming software, players are most likely to look at the bonus offerings of online casinos. But, a big offer does not necessarily mean that the casino is legitimate. Too good to be true rewards should be taken seriously to avoid being scammed.


Playing in online casinos can be really exciting. However, to maximize a one of a kind online gaming experience, the website’s legitimacy should be prioritized first.

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