5 Great Lessons That Online Casino Champions Learned From Losing Streaks

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Losing streaks—this is probably one of the worse, if not the worst things that can ever happen to an online casino player. Nobody appreciates it. It is frustrating, disappointing, depressing and all other negative descriptions you can think of. However, whether you agree or disagree, losing streaks impart indispensable lessons, which can turn you into a much better player. 

Lesson 1 : The wrong moves

Sometimes you need to lose to be a champ!
Figure 1 Success Retrieved 05 October 2012 from http://www.sacredcirclecreativelife.com/uncategorized/the-wisdom-in-risk/

Do you remember that time when you should have kept that Ace in Aces and Faces? Or have you already moved on from the carelessness of not pressing the “confirm bet” button? Sure it is hard, tough and unforgettable. But hey, you learned something right? With losing streaks, you gain experience and this experience will soon turn you into a pro. Just remember, never do the same mistakes again. Otherwise, that can be a bigger problem. 

Lesson 2: The most profitable bets

Along with learning the mistakes that you must avoid, a losing streak also teaches you the most profitable bets—those that can yield life-changing wins. You get to identify which wagers generate the highest number of wins. 

Lesson 3: Your risk appetite

Knowing your risk appetite is one of the best lessons you can learn from losing. It gives you an idea of how much you can afford to let go. This is important because it teaches you how to be a responsible player. 

Always remember that the point of playing a casino game like slot machines  or live blackjack in live casinos is to have pure fun. You do not play and lose as if nothing happens. You need to be responsible. Either you brush up your skills or you monitor your bankroll well. 

Lesson 4: Luck is temporary

We have repeatedly emphasized that luck is temporary. You do not rely on luck alone. If the well-known casino icons depended on sheer luck, how do you think will they be able to earn their millions in legitimate tournaments? Again, strategy is the key. 

Lesson 5: The triggers of your losing streak

It is not just the wrong moves or strategy. Most players lose because they were upset when they were playing. Some just could not focus. From time to time, think about what triggered the unfortunate event. As soon as you identify it, avoid it. 

Losing may not sound good. But always remember that through it, you get to appreciate winning more. Even champions experience a losing streak. However, they have successfully turned such liabilities into assets. They may fall once in a while and come back a much better player and this will never happen if they never experienced what it is to fall into the ground.


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