4 Types Of Blackjack Players In Online And Land-Based Casinos

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Blackjack is a casino game which can be beaten legally. No wonder, many players are hooked to it.

But did you know that there are different kinds of blackjack players? They are present both in land-based and live casinos. Find out what they are here.

Everybody’s buddy

A large portion of blackjack enthusiasts are comprised of these players. To socialize, this is their main reason for playing. They are into the fun and excitement. But it is the sense of belongingness—of being one with people of similar interests that matters to them.

They may not be that well-versed when it comes to the techniques they apply. Yet, as mentioned, this comes least of their priorities.

Not all players remain under the “everybody’s buddy” category. Many of them evolve and transcend to another level. This is in terms of their skill and goal. This brings us to the next category of blackjack player.

Old folks enjoying blackjack

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I do the math

Online casino members who are under this category know the basics of blackjack. In terms of experience, they can still be considered as newbies.

Oftentimes, the “I do the math” blackjack player tries to apply the strategies that he or she has learned. Although some of those techniques may not deliver their expected results, this barely bothers them. They know the pitfalls of the game and are willing to sharpen their skills even more.

Aspiring pro

Once the “I do the math” player begins to infuse card-counting moves, he or she transforms into the aspiring pro.

With constant practice, the aspiring pro transcends to yet another level, which is no other than being a pro. 

The pro

Blackjack pros are known for their superior card counting abilities. In most cases, these are the ones that bring home the millions and frequently kicked out of the casinos. They are the ones who literally “bring down the house.

Ken Uston and the MIT team are one of the most popular blackjack pros ever recorded in history.

How about you, what type of blackjack player are you?

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