4 Killer Benefits Of Instant Play Casinos

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Instant play may have its own shortcomings if compared to gaming software. But this did not prevent players from being hooked to no-download casinos. As a matter of fact, both experienced and new gamblers are using this platform. 12BET, for one, has witnessed the glaring change of the player’s gaming platform preference. Evidently, this change is brought by the benefits derived from it.  

Longer playing time

Since instant play no longer needs to download anything, it delivers longer playing time. Online gamblers do not have to wait. They do not have to spend precious time in downloading and installing the game. Oftentimes, this dilemma is encountered by those who have limited internet connections.

Comfort and convenience

Indeed, comfort and convenience are two of the main thrusts of instant play. In one click, new and veteran players can access their most favorite games. They can even enable their browsers to remember their log-in details. But the latter is not recommended due to privacy and security concerns that they may encounter along the way.


Nowadays, most web-browsers are equipped or compatible with the flash player. Gone are the days of hanging and freezing web pages. Today, everyone can play simultaneously. One does not have to worry of restarting due to a crashing browser. 

Best platform for new players

For newbies who are yet to unravel the world of online gambling, instant play is a good training ground. At any rate, it does not make any difference at all. The interface is the same as with the software, except that in instant play, the games are a bit limited. But this platform gives new players an initial experience of how it is when one chooses to use the software.

The above-mentioned benefits are really plain and simple. However, it should be noted that these advantages are something that many download-based casinos were unable to deliver. Thus, responding to this need and demand, 12BET ensures that the two gaming platforms are present—both the downloadable software and of course, instant play!

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