3 Ways To Identify Your Lucky Days

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In most players, the act of predicting or identifying their lucky days has transformed into a well-observed ritual that can be used to invite or attract good vibes. This act is no different from bringing charms or performing certain habits prior to playing in land-based or online casinos.

Some base their actions from experience. Others tend to be more “scientific,” or for the lack of a better term “systematic.” These approaches may not always yield the desired results. But somehow, it minimizes the risks of losing. Can an individual really predict the most “auspicious dates?” If yes, how do they do this? Woman Screams After Winning

Predicting the lucky days

If you want to use a little bit of science in identifying your most auspicious dates, here are some methods that you can employ:

  • Numerology – The study of numbers and its purported significance to a certain event or date. Each measurement, each count, corresponds to a symbolic and sometimes, a divine occurrence. Usually, in plotting the lucky days, the formula is to determine the numerical value of the individual’s birthdate and month of birth.  Afterwards, this shall be added to the numerical value of the current month and year. Then, the sum number shall be added individually. For example, in determining the lucky day of a person born on January 1, 2000, the calculation would be 1 (date of birth) + 1 (January, month of birth) + 12 (the date today) + 1 (January, the date today) + 2012 (the year today). 2027, which is the sum shall be added individually so it goes like this 2+0+2+7= 11. The number eleven will then be added together and gives a sum of 2. Now hypothetically speaking, if number 2 is favorable for establishing a business, then a business should be formed today. Now the person concerned should simply follow the above formula and find out whether it is good to carry out their pending activities tomorrow. Evidently, an expert should be consulted to identify the symbols and meaning associated to a number.
  • Astrology – Astrology is a very famous approach. Literally speaking, it is the belief that the planets’ movements have an effect in man’s life. Evidently, there are no intricate calculations in astrology. With the large volume of online horoscopes published every day, knowing one’s lucky days is as easy as ABC.
  • Almanac – An almanac details weather forecasts, tide hours, eclipses and planting dates. Most of the times, many consider a date lucky if it corresponds to seasons associated to planting or harvesting.

The above-mentioned approaches work for some. However, there are others who perceive “lucky days” as no less than mere products of pure coincidence.



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