3 Forbidden Activities That Lead To Account Closure

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Account closure in online casino is possible. However, this only happens if the casino site has valid reasons to do so. More often than not, this occurs when fraudulent or suspicious acts take place.  

Players with closed accounts suffer dire consequences. They face the risks of being banned permanently. In addition, all their winnings can be forfeited as well. 

Activities that lead to account closure 

Multiple accounts

All online casinos observed 1:1 ratio when it comes to account creation. This means that only one (1) account is permitted per player, not more than that. This is performed to protect the game’s integrity and of course, to be fair with other members that readily observes the casino’s policies. 

Bonus hunting

Bonus hunting is the act of getting bonuses from online casinos and making an immediate withdrawal afterwards. In most cases, the aim of bonus hunters is simply to get free cash, not really to play. To prevent abuse, wagering requirements have been set. Unfortunately, bonus hunting continues and this has readily affected not only online casinos but also other players. 

Providing misleading information

There are instances wherein the player’s information are different from their credit card details. Usually, this would raise questions due to identity theft. If the player is proven to be involved in such activity, his or her account can be closed. 

Cybercrime involvement

Speaking of identity theft, there is no doubt that this could lead to an immediate closure of one’s account. Reputable online casinos, such as 12BET Casino would do everything to protect its roster of players or members. One cannot allow that member to continue playing live baccarat or other games because of the risks of victimizing other players. 

Thorough investigation

Closing a member’s account is not deliberately performed. It involves a lot of investigation. As much as possible, online casino sites would rather keep their players. But if their activities posit a threat to the website’s credibility and also to other players, closure becomes the most plausible solution. 


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